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Chiropractic care initially requires frequent visits

Question: I am being treated by a chiropractor for a neck problem. Initially he wants to see me three times a week and said this is normal protocol for many spinal conditions. Why do these conditions require frequent visits?

Answer: Every patient and every condition is unique. Everyone is exposed to stress on a daily basis. How you adapt to your stress or not adapt to your stress registers with the nervous system. Your central nervous system (CNS), which is harbored by your skull and vertebral bones, permanently stores information as it is exposed to environmental stimuli. Your CNS then sets up patterns and conditioned responses to any similar stimuli that you get exposed to. When the musculo-skeletal system is referring impulses to the CNS it may respond by patterning an excessive or reduced impulse. Either instance demonstrates abhorrent patterns. A real life scenario may be someone that works on an assembly line who constantly is lifting and turning his or her neck and arms the same way hours at a time or someone who sits at a computer improperly, leaning forward and looking off to one side. These repetitive activities produce long-term patterns that create physiological changes. The muscles and ligaments in those people performing these repetitive movements adapt by getting tighter, larger and possible more sensitive. Asymmetry in the body creates malfunctions leading to dis-ease. Many conditions do not demonstrate symptoms at first. A severe trauma such as a whiplash injury in an auto accident may give a person immediate symptoms and create a deep imbedded pattern in the CNS also.

Whether your abhorrent neurological patterns are from an individual episode or from repetitive behaviors, the CNS must be re-educated to its normal healthy patterns in order for health to be restored. Chiropractors specialize in correcting abhorrent activity to the CNS. The adjustments to your spine are far more than a pop or crack that you may hear. The adjustments to your spine are re-educating nerve impulses to restore function to every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. Initially, it is imperative to keep breaking the old patterns and assist the healthy ones. This enables the body to recover. The good news is that your body never forgets the healthy patterns and is driven to maintain its own healthy functional status. The protocol your chiropractor gave you appears well within the scope of normal practice.

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