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Build Deep Core Strength and Stability

Alphabet Plank

Assume a modified plank position with your knees and feet on the ground (12 to 18 inches apart) and your elbows and forearms on a stability ball. Keep your arms about shoulder-width apart and your hands in loose fists. Spell out the letters of the alphabet by making small movements that roll the ball from your elbows onto your forearms. The subtle moves and unpredictability of the way you're drawing each letter will "fry" your abs, says Jeff Plasschaert, M.S., C.S.C.S.

Lift one knee off the ground and do A to M while balanced on one knee, N to Z while balanced on the other.
From start to finish, spell out your favorite motivational running quote. In italics!

Ball Plank

Get into a plank position with your elbows on the ground and your toes on a medicine ball (any size will do). Keep your back straight and hold the position for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat four times. The instability of the ball forces your core to work harder than it would in a traditional plank with your feet on the ground, Plasschaert says.

Lift one leg up off the ball, establish your balance and hold the position for 15 seconds, then switch legs.
Have a friend place a sandbag, dumbbell, or any object with some heft (your kid?) on your butt.

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