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Dallas Terrell

Anabolic Steroids are Definitely Not Worth the Risk

Anabolic steroids, which can be taken orally or by injection, are synthetic derivatives to testosterone, the male hormone. Some athletes and sports enthusiasts take these drugs to build muscle and bulk. They may make the athlete feel good for a while, but it is like putting an explosive inside their bodies, a time bomb ready to go off and destroy them.

According to many studies, steroids produce dependence and addiction and do irreparable harm. Among the health problems related to steroid use are heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, stroke, cancer, sterility, gangrene in limbs and mental and psychological disorders.

Parents, teachers and coaches should become more aware of the telltale signs of steroid use. The use of steroids is increasing in alarming proportions among young athletes. This signals the potentiality of a health crisis serious or even more serious than that of the use of hard drugs.

Among the symptoms of steroid use are: jaundiced skin or eyes, easy bruising, increased blood pressure, increased nose bleeds, blood in urine, decreased size of testes, drastic increase in muscle mass, profuse sweating, joint swelling, puffiness in the face, hyperactivity or nervousness, and a change in personality or irritability.

There are natural ways for athletes to increase performance without the use of drugs or medications. Chiropractic procedure for athletes involves proper diet, supervised exercise with emphasis on the physical needs of the sport, structural realignment, if necessary, to gain spinal integrity, conservative management of injuries and preventative health maintenance.

In their early history, steroids were used medically to treat rare cases of anemia and breast cancer. Steroids are used today in small doses to treat atrophy, arthritis, asthma, leukemia, and blood disorders, but are used under strict medical observation because of their potentially dangerous side effects.

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