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Proper Diet Practices Help Control

Cholesterol in the Body



            What is cholesterol?   Cholesterol is a waxy substance used in many of the body’s chemical processes.   By far the most abundant use of cholesterol in the body is to help form bile salts, which promote digestion and absorption of fats.   A small quantity is used to form hormones such as progesterone, estrogen and testosterone.   A large amount of cholesterol is precipitated in the skin.   This protects the skin from easy penetration of acids and different solvents and helps prevent water evaporation from the skin.


            Cholesterol is transported in the blood by LDL’s (low density lipoproteins) and HDL’s (high-density lipoproteins).   It is important to remember that high levels of LDL’s leads to a fatty build up of plaque in the arteries, whereas, high levels of HDL’s are protective and considered the “good? cholesterol.   However, a high cholesterol diet is the most common reason for an elevated cholesterol level.


            Cholesterol is made in our bodies primarily in the liver and is present in the diets of all persons.   A problem arises when one ingests more cholesterol than the body needs.   Also certain diseases are noted for producing increased cholesterol levels.   High levels of cholesterol are associated with atherosclerosis, which may lead to “hardening of the arteries.?   This increases the risk for developing coronary heart disease and is one of the main reasons physicians are concerned about their patient’s cholesterol level.


            It is important for one to be aware of their cholesterol level; however, there are many other factors associated within increases risk of developing heart disease.   Cases have been reported where people have committed suicide because they discovered they had a high cholesterol level and became obsessed with it.   A high cholesterol level is not a death sentence; it is one factor utilized by health care physicians to help determine one’s health status or to determine if one needs to modify his/her diet.


            In order to help decrease the risk of heart disease, one must limit the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in their diet.   My next article will discuss some ways to help reduce your cholesterol level and will also discuss what is considered a safe or healthy level.


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