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Appetite Suppressant Foods


A team of researchers at Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center discovered that study participants who ate meat-filled lunch entrees over the course of four days consumed 420 additional calories and 30 more fat grams per day than those who chose a mushroom-based meal. "Not only does this swap help you get in more veggies and slash calories without feeling hungrier, it also ups your intake of one of the key nutrients tied to weight control -- Vitamin D," said Cynthia Sass, R.D., co-author of "The Ultimate Diet Log." "In fact, trading three ounces of 90 percent lean ground turkey for a half-cup of chopped Portabella mushroom once a week, without making any other changes, would save you 7,280 calories a year."


Olive Oil

According to a recent study from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, certain fatty foods, like butter, send messages to the brain that actually tell the body to ignore appetite-suppressing signals from the two hormones -- leptin and insulin -- that are responsible for weight regulation. However, olive oil and grapeseed oil did just the opposite, allowing the "I'm satisfied" signal to do its job in the brain. Also, a separate study from the University of California, Irvine found that these good fats trigger production of a compound in the small intestine that curbs hunger pangs. "You can banish the butter and switch over to olive oil for everything from cooking to baking," advised Sass.




A study conducted at Louisiana State University found that overweight women who ate tofu as an appetizer consumed less during the main meal than those women who were given chicken as their pre-meal snack. "Eating protein has been found to lead to great satiety, and tofu is a fabulous source, especially for non-meat eaters," said Katherine Brooking R.D., spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.




According to a clinical trial conducted at the Canadian Center of Functional Medicine, all of the volunteers who ate a soluble fiber, like oatmeal (whole grain, not instant), reported a drop in appetite, as well as experienced weight loss. "Oatmeal is high in both soluble and insoluble fiber, so you'll be less inclined to be munching throughout the day," Brooking said. For a double-punch effect, she also suggested adding a soluble fiber fruit, like sliced apple, to this warm breakfast treat.


Soy Milk

"Soy milk is one of the most amazing foods that will stop appetite cold," stated Anne Katherine, psychotherapist and author of "How to Make Almost Any Diet Work." Studies show that proteins tend to satisfy cravings, and while researchers don't completely understand why this is, they suspect that a high-protein food, like soy milk, can tame appetite-stimulating hormones. In fact, according to one study published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition," volunteers who followed various diets reported feeling less hungry during the high-protein weeks and consumed about 440 calories less per day.


Broth Based Soups

A veggie broth, as opposed to a cream-based soup, can balance appetite hormones and curb cravings. Research has shown that people who eat a low-calorie bowl of soup before their main entrée consume up to 20 percent fewer calories during the main course. The reason: The stomach sends satiety signals earlier in the digestive process.


Rhu Bread

Swedish researchers have discovered that eating rye bread increases the feeling of being full and can lead to a lower-calorie intake throughout the day -- even up to eight hours -- compared to eating whole wheat bread. The study, published in "Nutrition Journal," also concluded that those who ate rye bread also had a lower insulin response. "Rye has a high level of fiber in two parts of the grain -- the bran or outer coating and the endosperm, the portion surrounding the seed that supplies it with nutrients," said Sass.

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